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Web Filter Lite Reports are Wrong

Beitragvon HarryJenkins » 26. Mär 2018, 09:22


I have tried repeatedly to block some sites, then I try to visit those sites (they block successfully), then I generate and view the reports only to find that the reports do not report that I tried to visit those sites. What is wrong with the report writer? Or is this a deeper problem?I then changed the web filter to only log the visits - then I visit the sites again, this time it allows me to see the sites. I interact with those sites, then go back, regenerate the reports, and still have absolutely no indication that there was activity on those sites...This is a brand new installation with only one computer being protected (mine) so it is a very controlled environment?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

https://forums.untangle.com/web-monitor ... wrong.html
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